I'm trying to use MVVM design pattern and try to do some Unit Test on a View Model. In the View Model the repository implementation is injected. What I'm trying to do is to test the View Model with a mocked repository. This is my code:


class IntroViewModel : ViewModel() {

   lateinit var userRepository: UserRepositoryImpl

   init {

   var loggedIn: MutableLiveData<Boolean> = MutableLiveData()

   fun checkLoginStatus() {


class UserRepositoryImpl: UserRepository {
    override fun isUserLoggedIn(): Boolean {
        return FirebaseAuth.getInstance().currentUser!=null


class IntroTest {

    val rule = InstantTaskExecutorRule()

    lateinit var introViewModel: IntroViewModel

    fun setup() {
        introViewModel = IntroViewModel()

    fun checkFirebaseState_test() {

        val shouldReturn = true


        assertEquals(shouldReturn, introViewModel.loggedIn.value)


I want at the moment of the test to use another UserRepository implementation so that the test will not rely on FirebaseAuth or other source of information.

  • Actually I found out what was the issue. The var userRepository: UserRepositoryImpl should be of type UserRepository. – Marius Gheorghe Aug 10 at 15:48

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