When running a Gradle build with the --profile option enabled, the profile report is written to the build/reports/profile folder, and the main HTML file name is profile-$YY-$MM-$DD-$TIME.

I would like to change the main HTML file name to simply index.html, so that publishing on Jenkins is easier.

How can I do that? (I think by configuring something in the Gradle build file? I couldn't find any reference in the docs)


Unfortunatly, no, there is no way to do that with the existing options. The --profile gets handled by ReportGeneratingProfileListener there you can clearly see the function buildFinished

public void buildFinished(BuildProfile buildProfile) {
    ProfileReportRenderer renderer = new ProfileReportRenderer();
    File file = new File(buildDir, "reports/profile/profile-" + FILE_DATE_FORMAT.format(new Date(buildProfile.getBuildStarted())) + ".html");
    renderer.writeTo(buildProfile, file);

That naming pattern is hardcoded in the HTML file generation.

You can add a listener of your own and implement buildFinished to rename that file but you have no gurentees about the order in which these listeners will be executed, thus your listener can run before the ReportGeneratingProfileListener is executed.

The simplest and fastest solution will be to rename by pattern right after you Gradle command in your Jenkins job something along the lines of mv profile-*.html index.html

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