I have a sound that after it finishes fading out it pauses (using the callback function inside fade)

// This is the initial code for the sound

var soundId;
sound = new Howl({
src: 'audio/music.mp3',
html5: true,
preload: true,
autoplay: true,
volume: 0,
onload: function(){
console.log("song loaded")

//code to fadeout and then pause

sound.fade( sound.volume(), 0, 3000, soundId);
sound.on('fade', function(){

//code to play/resume sound:

sound.fade( sound.volume(), 1, 30000, soundId);

The problem is that when i trigger the event to resume the sound , it wont play/restart.

please can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?

thanks so much

Note: on console.log appears that when i trigger the fade in (play/resume) event the volume is rising and when i trigger the fade out event volume is lowering, but no sound. Pls, anyone? many thanks

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