I have a code below that works perfectly fine in excel 2010. I've upgraded to 2013 and now my excel gets the not responding issue, along with the excel not working.

I've tried replacing this code with 16 formulas, EE2:ET6141. However I found this inefficient, time consuming, and uses much memory.

formula i am using to replace my code:


Logic something like: for each row where A1 = Stackoverflow, BM = value1 or value2 or value3 and BN not in Excel and not in ITS. then get value from EQ_shocks sheet.


It gets the not responding error at this loop If thisEqShocks(1, 1) = "#EMPTY" Then I put a breakpoint at the end if and it takes long or not reponding trying to loop through this big if statement.

I also notice this at the for loop , For thisScen = 1 To UBound(stressScenMapping, 1), takes long to respond through breakpoint Next thisScen I would say it is safe to say its this part of the code.

Public Sub oldcode() 
    Application.ScreenUpdating = False

    Dim i As Long, thisScen As Long, nRows As Long, nCols As Long
    Dim stressWS As Worksheet

    Set stressWS = Worksheets("EQ_Shocks")
    Unprotect_Tab ("EQ_Shocks")
    nRows = lastWSrow(stressWS)
    nCols = lastWScol(stressWS)

    Dim readcols() As Long
    ReDim readcols(1 To nCols)

    For i = 1 To nCols
        readcols(i) = i
    Next i

    Dim eqShocks() As Variant
    eqShocks = colsFromWStoArr(stressWS, readcols, False)

    'read in database columns
    Dim dataWs As Worksheet
    Set dataWs = Worksheets("database")

    nRows = lastRow(dataWs)
    nCols = lastCol(dataWs)

    Dim dataCols() As Variant
    Dim riskSourceCol As Long
    riskSourceCol = getWScolNum("RiskSource", dataWs)

    ReDim readcols(1 To 4)
    readcols(1) = getWScolNum("RiskReportProductType", dataWs)
    readcols(2) = getWScolNum("Fair Value (USD)", dataWs)
    readcols(3) = getWScolNum("Source Currency of the CUSIP that is denominated in", dataWs)
    readcols(4) = riskSourceCol

    dataCols = colsFromWStoArr(dataWs, readcols, True)

    'read in scenario mappings
    Dim mappingWS As Worksheet
    Set mappingWS = Worksheets("mapping_ScenNames")

    Dim stressScenMapping() As Variant
    ReDim readcols(1 To 2): readcols(1) = 1: readcols(2) = 2
    stressScenMapping = colsFromWStoArr(mappingWS, readcols, False, 2) 'include two extra columns to hold column number for IR and CR shocks

    For i = 1 To UBound(stressScenMapping, 1)
        stressScenMapping(i, 3) = getWScolNum(stressScenMapping(i, 2), dataWs)
        If stressScenMapping(i, 2) <> "NA" And stressScenMapping(i, 3) = 0 Then
            MsgBox ("Could not find " & stressScenMapping(i, 2) & " column in database")
            Exit Sub
        End If
    Next i

    ReDim readcols(1 To 4): readcols(1) = 1: readcols(2) = 2: readcols(3) = 3: readcols(4) = 4
    stressScenMapping = filterOut(stressScenMapping, 2, "NA", readcols)

    'calculate stress and write to database
    Dim thisEqShocks() As Variant

    Dim keepcols() As Long
    ReDim keepcols(1 To UBound(eqShocks, 2))
    For i = 1 To UBound(keepcols)
        keepcols(i) = i
    Next i

    Dim thisCurrRow As Long

    For thisScen = 1 To UBound(stressScenMapping, 1)

        thisEqShocks = filterIn(eqShocks, 2, stressScenMapping(thisScen, 1), keepcols)

        If thisEqShocks(1, 1) = "#EMPTY" Then
            For i = 2 To nRows
                If dataCols(i, 4) <> "Excel" And dataCols(i, 4) <> "OBI" And (dataCols(i, 1) = "value1" Or dataCols(i, 1) = "value2") Then
                    dataWs.Cells(i, stressScenMapping(thisScen, 3)).Value = "No shock found"
                End If
            Next i
        Else                                     'calculate shocks
            Call quicksort(thisEqShocks, 3, 1, UBound(thisEqShocks, 1))
            For i = 2 To nRows
                If dataCols(i, 4) <> "Excel" And dataCols(i, 4) <> "ITS" And (dataCols(i, 1) = "value1" Or dataCols(i, 1) = "value2" Or dataCols(i, 1) = "value3") Then
                    thisCurrRow = findInArrCol(dataCols(i, 3), 3, thisEqShocks)
                    If thisCurrRow = 0 Then      'could not find currency so use generic shock
                        thisCurrRow = findInArrCol("OTHERS", 3, thisEqShocks)
                    End If
                    If thisCurrRow = 0 Then
                        dataWs.Cells(i, stressScenMapping(thisScen, 3)).Value = "No shock found"
                        dataWs.Cells(i, stressScenMapping(thisScen, 3)).Value = Replace(dataCols(i, 2), "-", 0) * (thisEqShocks(thisCurrRow, 4) - 1)
                    End If
                End If
            Next i
        End If

    Next thisScen
    Application.ScreenUpdating = True
End Sub

adding function quicksort

Sub quicksort(ByRef arr() As Variant, ByVal sortCol As Long, ByVal left As Long, ByVal right As Long)

    If right > left Then
        Dim pivotIndex As Long
        pivotIndex = left + Int((right - left) / 2)

        Dim pivotIndexNew As Long
        pivotIndexNew = partition(arr, sortCol, left, right, pivotIndex)
        Call quicksort(arr, sortCol, left, pivotIndexNew - 1)
        Call quicksort(arr, sortCol, pivotIndexNew + 1, right)
    End If

End Sub

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Could you maybe F8 through your code and let us know about when it freezes? This is a lot of homebrew code (as in lots of UDFs) to trace through for this question – Marcucciboy2 Aug 10 at 14:05
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    @Marcucciboy2 , it is this if loop, If thisEqShocks(1, 1) = "#EMPTY" Then or even at the for loop. For thisScen = 1 To UBound(stressScenMapping, 1) – excelguy Aug 10 at 14:14
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    Are you trying to compare it to a string value of "#Empty"? "#" may be working as a wildcard representing any digit 0-9. – Mistella Aug 10 at 14:20
  • @Mistella , dont think so, what would you recommend doing here instead? Also this code works in seconds in excel 2010, so its not really the functionality that needs a change but more optimization. – excelguy Aug 10 at 14:28
  • 3
    Also, when a cell formula results in an error value, I'm not sure the contents get interpreted as a string. However, there is a VBA function IsEmpty() (?) that may work equivalently. – Mistella Aug 10 at 15:27

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