I'am trying to query an date intervall. i tried this one:

session.query(Entity).filter(Entity.EntityDate < Entity.EntityDate2 - datetime.timedelta(days=-31).all()

But with Azure SQL Server, i get the following Error

The data types datetime and datetime2 are incompatible in the add operator

I tried several thing i found here or on google (e.g. func.dateadd...), but all those solutions doesn't look generic for all Databases.

Is there a generic sqlalchemy solution for such a column based date arithmetic operation ?

  • func.dateadd and func.datediff are part of sqlalchemy. That being said they should be generic and can be used in the same manner for different dbs. Give it a go :) – mad_ Aug 10 at 14:31
  • stackoverflow.com/questions/36571706/… Will be a good example to get you started – mad_ Aug 10 at 14:33
  • As far as i understand the link, dateadd and datediff are sql server specific. That'sy why the sqlalchemy docs dont't find "datediff" oder "dateadd" either :-( – DonCarlos Aug 10 at 16:37

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