My (using nu.studer.jooq plugin)

jooq {
    MyProject(sourceSets.main) {
        generator {
            database {
                name = 'org.jooq.meta.extensions.ddl.DDLDatabase'
                properties {
                    property {
                        key = 'scripts'
                        value = 'src/main/resources/database.sql'
                inputSchema = ''
                outputSchema = 'something'
//                schemata {
//                    schema {
//                        inputSchema = ""    // I've tried this too
//                        outputSchema = 'something'
//                    }
//                }
                forcedTypes {
                    forcedType {
                        name = 'varchar'
                        expression = '.*'
                        types = 'JSONB?'
                    forcedType {
                        name = 'varchar'
                        expression = '.*'
                        types = 'INET'
            generate {
                relations = true
                springAnnotations = true
                deprecated = false
                fluentSetters = true
                // ...
            target {
                packageName = 'com.springforum'

In the build process, it can generate the schema just fine, but it keep using the PUBLIC schema for the output even though I've set outputSchema (I've tried using empty string and non-empty string)

Update: The problem only happen if inputSchema is empty, I tried with another sql script with schema and it works as intended

  • Why are you leaving the inputSchema empty? That's not allowed. But what do you want to achieve with that? – Lukas Eder Aug 13 at 11:20
  • 1
    because my sql file doesn't use a schema (which is generated from pg_dump and it has no options to change this) , for example: CREATE TABLE table_name ();. I solved the problem by add a schema manually but I hope there is a way to allow me to do it – cdxf Aug 13 at 12:11
  • I see, my bad. I overlooked that you're using DDLDatabase – Lukas Eder Aug 13 at 13:45
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This is a known issue that originates from the fact that behind the scenes DDLDatabase uses an H2 in-memory database to emulate running your SQL script, and then reverse engineers that H2 database. By default, in H2 (and a few other databases), everything goes in the PUBLIC schema. The issue is here: #7650

jOOQ 3.11 workaround

Currently (as of jOOQ 3.11), I suggest you either specify the schema in your DDL script explicitly, or use inputSchema = "PUBLIC", knowing the above.

jOOQ 3.12 solution

In jOOQ 3.12, this was fixed through #7759. It will be possible to specify the behaviour of unqualified schema objects:

<!-- The default schema for unqualified objects:
     - public: all unqualified objects are located in the PUBLIC (upper case) schema
     - none: all unqualified objects are located in the default schema (default) 

     This configuration can be overridden with the schema mapping feature -->
  • Thanks for your answer, I tried again with inputSchema = "PUBLIC" and it fixed the problem. Haven't tried Jooq 3.12 solution yet. – cdxf Aug 15 at 11:49

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