I have an app that has several "modules" that run. app.module loads core.module and then core module needs to run a global.service that runs on every page constantly that is doing session checks/etc.

For example, every 10 seconds the service needs to call the backend and check the "session status".

I want to avoid putting this logic in app.component if possible and instead have all of the logic in a service that is constantly running and performing these checks and handling them appropriately.

  • so whats the problem ? – dAxx_ Aug 10 at 19:45
  • @dAxx_ the problem is I'm unsure of how to get global.service to run on every page as a "singleton" – Exziled 2 days ago
  • if you create a service and declare its Injection as @Injectable({ providedIn: 'root', }) it will be provided by Root (Main Module of the application) and will be a singleton. (you dont have to provide it anywhere, it will automatically do it.) – dAxx_ 2 days ago
  • @dAxx_ so if I add that to my global.service can I just call a function from the constructor that uses an RXJS interval to run logic every 10 seconds? – Exziled 2 days ago

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