I want to use a serverless Function to generate (and expose via a URL) a CSV-like output. From the documentation I understand that this could be achieved using the tag --response-type text. However I am not succedding at it.

My code is this hello.py script

def main(args):
    text = '1,2,3'
    # json = {'a': [1,2,3]}
    response = text
    return response

(Please note the use the variables text or json to return the proper format, depending on the --response-type tag used to generate the Function.)

I am building the Function as follows:

ibmcloud wsk action delete hello
ibmcloud wsk action create hello hello.py --web true
ibmcloud wsk api create /hello get hello --response-type text

From where I obtain a URL: https://service.us.apiconnect.ibmcloud.com/gws/apigateway/api/<GENERATED_API_ID>/hello

But once I hit the URL I get an error:

  "error": "There was an error processing your request.",
  "code": "35976969ecfff22ab15b274a5a56e45b"

If instead, I return a json from the Function, and create the Function using --response-type json, then everything works as expected and I get the beautiful JSON on the browser.

Does anyone has an idea what may be going on?

Note 1: The response will be captured by a service that won't allow (easy) processing of the JSON, and from there my need of the CSV format.

Note 2: I found this thread for a very similar topic, and a potential solution. However I do not see how to implement it or use it in my case.

Thank you all in advance,


The function must always return a JSON object (python dictionary). If you are exposing the function as an API end point, namely an openwhisk web action, then you can return the following response: return { body: text }

Refer to the docs here for more details https://github.com/apache/incubator-openwhisk/blob/master/docs/webactions.md

  • Any idea then what is the purpose of --response-type TEXT then? Thank you for replying. – Manu Aug 10 at 17:09
  • 1
    The --response-type flag controls the target URL of the web action to be proxied by the API Gateway. For example, when you use the --response-type text flag, the full result of the action is returned in TEXT format and the webaction url has a .text appended to it. See content extensions here github.com/apache/incubator-openwhisk/blob/master/docs/…. – user6062970 Aug 20 at 14:28

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