I have 2 charts in Bokeh and an input box. The input box takes a value and should update both charts. I have a function called createDF that creates a DF and then calls createPlot which returns back a figure to createDF and then createDF calls createDF2 which calls createPlot2 and then returns a figure back to createDF. Now we have 2 figures in createDF, we bundle this into a list and return back and then displays the charts like so:

plot = createDF(market)
l = layout([[text_input], [plot[0]], [plot[1]]])

This is how I'm trying to handle the update:

def text_handler(attr, old, new):
    market = text_input.value
    plot = createDF(market)

    l = layout([[text_input], [plot[0]], [plot[1]]])
text_input.on_change('value', text_handler)

However, whenever I input a different market, the charts don't update. How can I make them update?

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Just two possible details you should check:

Are you running bokeh in server mode? This is required as you are using a python callback function (text_handler) ([https://bokeh.pydata.org/en/latest/docs/user_guide/server.html][1]).

Another possible problem: you are creating new figure objects in your callback function instead of manipulating the already existing objects.

Have a look at one of the bokeh gallery examples: https://github.com/bokeh/bokeh/blob/master/examples/app/movies/main.py

A plot and a glyph is created:

p = figure(plot_height=600, plot_width=700, title="", toolbar_location=None, tooltips=TOOLTIPS)
p.circle(x="x", y="y", source=source, size=7, color="color", line_color=None, fill_alpha="alpha")

And afterwards, in the update function they modify the existing instances:

def update():
    df = select_movies()
    x_name = axis_map[x_axis.value]
    y_name = axis_map[y_axis.value]

    p.xaxis.axis_label = x_axis.value
    p.yaxis.axis_label = y_axis.value
    p.title.text = "%d movies selected" % len(df)
    source.data = dict(

If you keep a reference to the glyph object:

my_glyph = p.circle(x="x", y="y", source=source, size=7, color="color", line_color=None, fill_alpha="alpha")

You could later on (in the callback function) change for example the series (column) of the data source where the values should come from or the size:

my_glyph.y = 'other_column_name'
my_glyph.size = 42
  • Yes i am running the server, i think youre right i am creating new figures. How do i update the existing ones? – user2896120 Aug 10 at 16:48
  • I added a link to the bokeh examples gallery and some code snippets from there. – Moritz Aug 10 at 16:59

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