I'm making an iOS app with a 3rd party plugin. That library included an opencv2.framework and a libjpeg.a.

When I run the app, I got an error saying libjpeg version is 62 but caller expects version 80.

I could run the app by force_load the provided libjpeg.a, but I feel like that's not a proper fix.

After some investigation, I suspect that mismatch was caused by opencv as the document said it was built with libjpeg-turbo which uses libjpeg 6b.

The question is, how could I build the framework without the default libjpeg or at least build one with libjpeg version 80? I've tried adding -DBUILD_JPEG=OFF and setting -DJPEG_LIBRARY to the provided libjpeg.a, but still get the same error.

I know nothing about python, cmake nor opencv, so I would not know if I had missed anything. It's really hard to find an easy-to-follow tutorial on this matter. Any help would be appreciated. THANKS.

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