im trying to write a code in python that will present the RGB channels of a picture in three separate labels in PyQt5 GUI. I'm reading the pictures via cv2, zero the un-necessary channels (e.g. for the red channel - I copy it to a separate variable and set Blue channel = 0 and Green channel = 0) then I reverse the channels with split/merge functions of cv2 (because cv2 uses [B,G,R] format instead of [R,G,B]) and use the result in: QPixmap.fromImage(QImage('cv2 array that represent the individual color channel', width, height, QtGui.QImage.Format_RGB888)).

So here is the weird part - 1) when the image is of even dimensions - everything works fine. But when the left dimension is odd (e.g. 627X626) I get garbage in the red channel but green and blue work fine. 2) When the odd dimension is on the right - I get the red channel fine but green and blue are corrupted. 3) When both the dimensions are odd - the program crushes at this very line with the code : Process finished with exit code -1073741819 (0xC0000005)

This is the code of the image aquisistion:

    self.red_scale_img = cv2.imread(file_name)
    self.red_scale_img[:, :, 0] = 0
    self.red_scale_img[:, :, 1] = 0

    b = self.red_scale_img[:, :, 0]
    g = self.red_scale_img[:, :, 1]
    r = self.red_scale_img[:, :, 2]
    self.red_scale_img = cv2.merge([r, g, b])

    self.green_scale_img = cv2.imread(file_name)
    self.green_scale_img[:, :, 0] = 0
    self.green_scale_img[:, :, 2] = 0

    self.blue_scale_img = cv2.imread(file_name)
    self.blue_scale_img[:, :, 1] = 0
    self.blue_scale_img[:, :, 2] = 0
    # the switching between red and blue scales
    b = self.blue_scale_img[:, :, 0]
    g = self.blue_scale_img[:, :, 1]
    r = self.blue_scale_img[:, :, 2]
    self.blue_scale_img = cv2.merge([r, g, b])

This is the line where the program crushes when the image is of dimension 627X627:

red_scale_image = QPixmap.fromImage(QImage(new_image_obj.red_scale_img, new_image_obj.red_scale_img.shape[1], new_image_obj.red_scale_img.shape[0], QtGui.QImage.Format_RGB888)).scaled(int(self.image_height/3.1746), int(self.image_width/3.1746))

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