I am trying to download data from the following website


This website has NDVI data from MODIS sensors. The folders are arranged according to years and days of the year all of which I need to download.

As a test, I tried downloading just one data

URL <- "https://gimms.gsfc.nasa.gov/MODIS/std/GMOD09Q1/tif/NDVI/2010/001/GMOD09Q1.A2010001.08d.latlon.x39y03.6v1.NDVI.tif.gz"


x <- getURL(URL, ssl.verifypeer = FALSE)

I get this error

Error in function (type, msg, asError = TRUE)  : 
Unknown SSL protocol error in connection to 

Then I tried this:

download.file(url = URL,
          destfile = 'localfile.gz', method='curl')

Error in download.file(url = URL, destfile = "localfile.gz", method = "curl") : 
'curl' call had nonzero exit status

Could anyone tell me what is it I am doing wrong.


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    try changing the URL to http://.... (not https)? Good luck.
    – shellter
    Aug 10, 2018 at 16:18

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To read in memory, try:

x <- curl::curl_fetch_memory("https://gimms.gsfc.nasa.gov/MODIS/std/GMOD09Q1/tif/NDVI/2010/001/GMOD09Q1.A2010001.08d.latlon.x39y03.6v1.NDVI.tif.gz")

Or, to save locally:

f <- "local.tif.gz"
curl::curl_fetch_disk("https://gimms.gsfc.nasa.gov/MODIS/std/GMOD09Q1/tif/NDVI/2010/001/GMOD09Q1.A2010001.08d.latlon.x39y03.6v1.NDVI.tif.gz", path = f)

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