I want to retrieve my integer value in my SaveState class which is already serialized as a string in Playerprefs and I want to access its values on my PlayerHealth and store it on a float variable. I'm just new in c# thanks for understanding I hope someone can help me in this.

This is my SaveState class:

public class SaveState  {
    public float FullHealth = 10; //The value that i Want
    public float staminaPTS;

This is my PlayerHealth class:

public class PlayerHealth : MonoBehaviour {
    public SaveState stateREF;
    float bulan_fullhp;
    float bulan_fullsp;
    float currHP;
    float currSP;

    //HUD Variables
    public Slider healthSlider;

    void Start () {
        load ();
        currHP = bulan_fullhp;
        currSP = bulan_fullsp;

        //Hud Iniitialization
        healthSlider.maxValue = bulan_fullhp;
        healthSlider.value = bulan_fullhp; 
        Debug.Log (currHP);

    public void save() {
        PlayerPrefs.SetString ("save", Helper.Serialize <SaveState> (stateREF));

    public void load() {
        if (PlayerPrefs.HasKey ("save")) {
            stateREF = Helper.Deserialize<SaveState> (PlayerPrefs.GetString ("save"));
        } else {

            stateREF = new SaveState ();
            save ();

    public void addDamage(float damage) {
        if (damage <= 0)
        currHP -= damage;
        healthSlider.value = currHP;
        if (currHP <= 0) {
            makeDead ();

    void makeDead() {
        Destroy (gameObject);

Here is my Serialization class:

public static class Helper  {

    public static string Serialize <T> (this T toSerialize) {
        XmlSerializer xml = new XmlSerializer (typeof(T));
        StringWriter writer = new StringWriter ();
        xml.Serialize (writer, toSerialize);
        return writer.ToString ();

    public static T Deserialize<T> (this string toDeserialze) {
        XmlSerializer xml = new XmlSerializer (typeof(T));
        StringReader reader = new StringReader (toDeserialze);
        return (T)xml.Deserialize (reader);
  • You mention int in the question body, but the code contains floats. Which is it? – Paul-Jan Aug 10 '18 at 14:46
  • sorry for that, its a float , I already edited it thanks. – Ry Ren Aug 10 '18 at 14:52

You going with XML and the process will be similar but I will answer with JSON.

First you have your SaveState as Serializable

public class SaveState  
   public float FullHealth = 10; //The value that i Want
   public float staminaPTS;

At that point you can turn that into JSON with JsonUtility:

SaveState ss = new SaveState();
ss.FullHealth = 10f;
ss.staminaPTS = 20f;
string json = JsonUtility.ToJson(ss);
PlayerPrefs.SetString("Save", json);

next you want to retrieve:

string json = PlayerPrefs.GetString("Save", null);
if(string.IsNullOrEmpty(json) == true) { return; } // no saving
SaveState ss = JsonUtility.FromJson<SaveState>(json);
Debug.Log($"{ss.FullHealth} {ss.staminaPTS}");

simple and does not require external libraries as JsonUtility is part of UnityEngine.


I'm pretty sure I'm not understanding your question, but will

bulan_fullhp = stateRef.FullHealth;

not do exactly what you want in this case?

  • So basically I want to pass the FullHealth value to my float value in "bulan_fullhp". It just say NullReferenceException Object Reference not set to an Object when I write that code sir. – Ry Ren Aug 10 '18 at 14:54

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