I want to configure custom logging in an application written in python and running on a HDInsight Spark cluster (hence Hortonworks-style). HDInsight cluster type: Spark 2.2 on Linux (HDI 3.6), Spark version:

My requirements are as follows:

  • logging to a file
  • aggregating logs via YARN so that they are accessible from the ResourceManager UI


I managed to modify the creating a custom log appender and a logger that uses it and it writes to a file but I'm failing to make it aggregate the logs.

When I tried to use the standard ${}/filename.log it got resolved to /filename.log and returned a permission denied error both in pyspark and using spark-submit but the file filename.log appeared in the RM UI (it was empty though).

The path normally should look like this: /var/log/hadoop-yarn/container/<applicationId>/<containerId>, e.g.: /var/log/hadoop-yarn/container/application_1504924099862_7571/container_e16_1504924099862_7571_01_000005 so the solution I was considering is to set the appender destination file from within the application using either the value of or the applicationId and containerId.

In both cases I don't know how to do it in python: looks unset ( sc._conf.getAll() doesn't contain it) and I don't know where to look for containerId, other than extracting it from the path.

I managed to obtain in Scala thanks to How do I get the YARN ContainerId from inside the container? but it returns multiple paths so I'm not sure if it is usable.


  1. Is it possible that has different values from Scala and Python APIs?

  2. How can I read the value of in pyspark knowing that I can do this using System.getProperty("") in Scala?

  3. Can I make YARN aggregate logs from a custom appender not using

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