I've got objects with string field and i want to search all objects which fits (case insensitive) to my array with string list.


public class Person { 
   private String name;

List<String> list = Arrays.asList("teSt1", "tEsT2");

i can create condition like:


but i have no idea how to make it case insensitive (connect it with regex)

Thanks for any help


I think it's impossible to build it that way

db.getCollection('collection').find( { "field" : { "$in" : [{"$regex": '...', "$options": "i"}] } })

query like that returns error, i figured out solution which is very very not optimal, but works. Just build regex criteria for all list values and connect it with OR, like:

Criteria orCriteria = new Criteria();
Criteria[] regExList = new Criteria[list.size()];   
IntStream.range(0, list.size()).forEach(i -> {
    regExList[i] = Criteria.where("field").regex(list.get(i), "i");


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