I use Visual Studio 2017 together with Incredibuid 9.2.2.

I have a c++ Solution with containing about 5 projects.

If I change any source file in the project asks Incredibuild to build the project, it builds. However, if i remove the build output and let it build again, it says the project is up-to-date (no rebuild).

I have this reproducable with the Incredibuild add-in or from the commandline.

Incredibuild -> Rebuid Project does indeed rebuild.

Incredibuild -> Clean Project + Incredibuild -> Build Project does not build (project up-to-date)

Building with the studio itself works fine.

I'm out of ideas :(

  • Seems to be solved by adding /Usemsbuild to the incredibuild options. – Lorenz Rusch Aug 13 at 11:23

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