I’m using Redux to manage the logic of a music player. When it’s playing something and suddenly fails, I want to be able to intercept that action and make the player start again, but only n times, as I don't want to keep automatically retrying forever if the problem isn't recoverable.

I think a middleware is a good option to implement this, but I’m wondering if I should store the number of retries already done for a certain item either in the global state, or locally in the middleware.

A more general question would be if a Redux middleware should contain any local state at all, I mean, state that only it cares about.

  • The general philosophy about redux is single application state, so I think it would go against that philosophy to store local state for middleware in most cases, unless those were intermediate values, or maybe cache values, but weren't relevant to the end 'application state'... – Garrett Motzner Aug 10 '18 at 15:41
  • A good rule of thumb would be, if I persist the redux state and then reload it, will my middleware (with a fresh internal state) work exactly the same as if that hadn't happened? If you can do that, then it might make sense to keep that internal state. Otherwise, it is probably application state. – Garrett Motzner Aug 10 '18 at 15:45

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