This is a generalized version of a question answered here: Pandas shift based on different values to calculate percentages

Not sure if I should create a new question for this, but this is a generalized version of the first question.

In the previous answered question, I wanted to calculate percent change from every first down to their corresponding 2nd down, 3rd down ...

Here, I want to calculate from 2nd or 3rd down to it's corresponding 1st, second or 3rd down. Here is an example of what I am looking for:

        down  distance    percentage

1        1.0      10.0    (10-13)/10
2        2.0      13.0    NaN
3        3.0      15.0    (15-13)/15
4        3.0      20.0    (20-13)/20
5        4.0       1.0    (1-13)/1
6        1.0      10.0    (15-9)/15       # New calculation
7        2.0       9.0    NaN
8        3.0       3.0    (3-9)/3
  • I was looking at prior row calculations yesterday - had some success with np.where from this morning and shift(). – Hatt Aug 10 at 14:46

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