If I want to support a new/custom authorization scheme for spring-security, should I extend from OncePerRequestFilter like BasicAuthorizationFilter does? Or should I extend from AbstractAuthenticationProcessingFilter like UsernamePasswordTokenFilter (and others) do? I suppose a different way of asking this question is why doesn't BasicAuthorizationFilter extend from AbstractAuthenticationProcessingFilter?

If you want to implement custom authentication scheme then you should use AbstractAuthenticationProcessingFilter . It provides a method attemptAuthentication(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response) that can be used to write custom authentication logic.

Spring has provided strategies to go ahead with the different type of authentication schemes. So as following authentication filters:

  1. BasicAuthorizationFilter for HTTP Basic Authorization header authentication.
  2. AbstractAuthenticationProcessingFilter it can be used for any type of custom authentication scheme. So I think Spring has already provided BasicAuthorizationFilter just for not to reinvent the wheel.

For example - All of the following authentication implementations are the subclasses of AbstractAuthenticationProcessingFilter.

  • OAuth2ClientAuthenticationProcessingFilter (Spring OAuth2)
  • ClientCredentialsTokenEndpointFilter (Spring OAuth2)
  • UsernamePasswordAuthenticationFilter (Web login authentication)

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