Is it possible to set, for instance, .isHidden to multiple buttons at once, instead of:

button1.isHidden = true    
button2.isHidden = true    
button3.isHidden = true     

Something like: button1, button2, button3.isHidden = true.

  • It seems like putting the buttons in an array makes sense. – LAD Aug 10 '18 at 20:05

Put them in an array and iterate through the array.

[button1, button2, button3].forEach {
    $0.isHidden = true

In addition to @ukim's answer, you can use an Outlet Collection.

In you storyboard, drag from your first button and select Outlet Collection rather than Outlet as you would normally do.

enter image description here

Which gives you…

@IBOutlet var buttons: [UIButton]!

Then connect all your other buttons to the same @IBOutlet

You can then say

buttons.forEach {
    $0.isHidden = true

You can also create Array extension. It also make more sense to constraint element type to UIButton, such that you can't call it for any other type of array.

Something like this,

extension Array where Element == UIView {

    func show() {
        forEach { $0.isHidden = false }

    func hide() {
        forEach { $0.isHidden = true }

Then, using it like so,

[button1, button2, button3].hide() // hide buttons
[button1, button2, button3].show() // show 

Extending collection makes more sense in this case, which gives more flexibility as the hide / show could be used with ArraySlices then.

Here is how you would do this,

extension Collection where Element: UIView {
    func show() {
        forEach { $0.isHidden = false }

    func hide() {
        forEach { $0.isHidden = true }

    func toggleVisibility() {
        forEach { $0.isHidden = !$0.isHidden }

And with this you can do some cool thing like,

// hide all but not first

// hide buttons in indexes 0 to 1
myArrayOfButtons[0 ... 1].hide()

// show all buttons but not last

// hide first 2 buttons

// show last button

// toggle visibility of first 2 

You could also create an IBOutlet collection

@IBOutlet var multiButtons: [UIButton]!

Do do this: when you control-drag from the button to the code, select Outlet collection ; then control drag other buttons to this outlet collection.

Now, you can

for button in multiButtons {
  button.isHidden = true 

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