I'm trying to create a json file from a string with the following format:


Is there a way to create a json using jq by specifying the = and , symbols as separators for the keys and values?

The output I'm looking for would be:

{"key1": "value1", "key2” :”value2"}

I've tried to use this post as a reference: Create JSON using jq from pipe-separated keys and values in bash -- however, it expects input that contains a line with only keys, before later lines with only values; here, the keys and values are all interspersed.


Here's a reduce-free solution that assumes string is the shell variable (not part of the string to be parsed), and that parsing of the string can be accomplished by first splitting on ",":

jq -R 'split(",")
       | map( index("=") as $i | {(.[0:$i]) : .[$i+1:]})
       | add' <<< "$string"

Notice that this allows "=" to appear within the values.

The only trickiness here is that when a key name is specified programmatically, it must be enclosed within parentheses.

Supplemental question


In this case, you would first split on "|", and then find the first occurrence of "=":

| map( index("=") as $i | {(.[0:$i]) : .[$i+1:]})
| add
| map_values(if index(",") then split(",") else . end)


  "key1": "value1",
  "key2": [
  "key3": "value4"
  • Thanks for the answer! I was wondering if the way you use split could be altered to handle multi-value keys whose values are separated by commas? I've edited my original question to give an example of what I mean. It seems as if the current solution parses the second value as a key-value pair itself. – ax236 Aug 13 '18 at 17:44
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jq -Rc '
| [.[] | match( "([^=]*)=(.*)" )]
| reduce .[].captures as $item ({}; .[$item[0].string]=$item[1].string)
' <<<"$string"
echo -n "key1=value1,key2=value2" | \
jq -csR '[split(",")[]|split("=") | {(.[0]): .[1]}]|add'

this gives


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