I have an excel sheet which has around 1000 fields which has the formula in this format =IF(ISTEXT(VLOOKUP($B55,SHEET2!$C$41:$J$250,3,0)),VLOOKUP($B55,SHEET2!$C$41:$J$250,3, 0),"") This formula works correctly but I cannot control the number of decimal points (for eg. if the value is 12.3333333 it will return as it is whereas I want 12.330).

So, I tried =TEXT(IF(ISTEXT(VLOOKUP($B55,SHEET2!$C$41:$J$250,3,0)),VLOOKUP($B55,SHEET2!$C$41:$J$250,3, 0),""),"0.000") and it returned the correct result.

My question is how can I apply this formula on all the 1000 cells. I can of course manually change all the 1000 values but I was thinking if there was a way in which I can update all the cells. I tried replace all with =(IF to =TEXT(IF but that did not work. Any Help would be appreciated.

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