I have a data frame DP with a column variable in numeric format which is a numeric representation of Date.

Example: 43282 corresponds to 7/1/2018 (try in excel).

But in R when I call as.Date() to convert it to date, I get the wrong date

DP$Time <- as.Date(DP$variable)

  variable       Time
1    43282 2088-07-02

What am I doing wrong here?

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    Thanks a lot!!. Guess origin was defaulted to '1970-01-01' I changed it to origin = '1900-01-01' and it worked – Rifadh Zizou Aug 10 '18 at 21:59

If it is based on excel, then change the origin from default 1970-01-01 to 1899-12-30

as.Date(43282, origin = '1899-12-30')
#[1] "2018-07-01"

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