I have a list of URLs, and would like to identify what is a directory and what is not:


I can use grep -e /$ to find which is which, but I'd like to do an inline command where I can redirect the output based on that logic.

I understand that awk may have the answer here, but don't have enough experience in awk to do this.

Something like:

cat urls | if /$ matches write to folders.txt else write to files.txt

I could drop it all to a file then read it twice but when it gets to thousands of lines I feel that would be inefficient.


Yes, awk is a great choice for this:

awk '/\/$/ { print > "folders.txt"; next }
           { print > "files.txt" }' urls.txt
  • /\/$/ { print > "folders.txt"; next } if the line ends with a /, write it to folders.txt and skip to the next line
  • { print > "files.txt" } write all other lines to files.txt

You may want to use the expression /\/[[:space:]]*$/ instead of /\/$/ in case you have trailing spaces in your file.


All you need is:

awk '{print > ((/\/$/ ? "folders" : "files")".txt")}' urls.txt

With coreutils, grep and bash process substitution:

<urls tee >(grep '/$' > folders.txt) >(grep -v '/$' > files.txt) > /dev/null

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