I am trying to convert wildcard mask to subnet mask.
My input text file will be:
My expected output:

I wrote code to convert wildnet mask to netmask.
my input file will have:

my outut will be :

The difficult part for me is to integrate the first half (i.e)

Can someone help me with the coding stuff to acheive this one.

Thanks in advance.

import sys
f = open('test.txt','r')
for mask in f.readlines():
def wildcard_conversion(mask):
wildcard = []
for x in mask.split('.'):
component = 255 - int(x)
wildcard = '.'.join(wildcard)
return wildcard
wildcard = wildcard_conversion(mask)

ospf = (wildcard)
  • My input file would be: – parker Aug 10 at 22:49

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