How to write the equivalente of following SQL

SELECT cl_fname, cl_lname
FROM tb_user
WHERE id_user = 16

In PHP using the MongoDB\MongoDB library for query a document in MongoDB Database?

In this video (at 1:30), the author give a example. But this example haven't an argument equivalent to "SELECT".

In MongoDB documentation, there are too many examples. But, these aren't for PHP script. They are all for CLI.

Should be something like this:



$client = new MongoDB\Client;

$db_system = $client->db_system;
$tb_user   = $db_system->tb_user;

$return = $tb_user->findOne(
    [ /*WHERE*/
    'id' => 16
    [ /*SELECT*/
    'cl_fname' => 1,
    'cl_lname' => 1 



But, this code doesn't work. There is something wrong. I don't know what.

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