We have a standalone iOS app built using Expo and react-native. We use Expo SecureStore to store login credentials. After our first app update release, users who updated had to login again. This isn't the behavior we had seen on previous expo builds or on TestFlight, and the SecureStore credentials are working as expected in our Android build.

Here's how we are setting and retrieving our login info

  import { SecureStore, Constants, } from 'expo'

const releaseChannel = Constants.manifest.releaseChannel || 'development'
const LOGIN_KEY = `login-${releaseChannel}`

const LoginStorage = {
  get: async () => {
    try {
      const result = await SecureStore.getItemAsync(LOGIN_KEY)
      return JSON.parse(result)
    } catch (err) {
      throw new Error(err)
  set: async (loginData) => {
    return SecureStore.setItemAsync(LOGIN_KEY, JSON.stringify(loginData), {
      keychainAccessible: SecureStore.ALWAYS,
  clear: async () => {
    return SecureStore.deleteItemAsync(LOGIN_KEY)

export default LoginStorage

Are there any other factors that iOS uses to create keychain access that might change with an app update?

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