OpenNMS is receiving the following traps from a F5 load balancer:

Received unformatted enterprise event (enterprise:. generic:6 specific:131). 2 args: ."Pool member exceeded configured rate limit." ."."

  <event-label>F5-BIGIP-COMMON-MIB defined trap event: bigipMemberRate</event-label>
  <descr>&lt;p>A pool member has exceeded the allowed rate.&lt;/p>&lt;table>

  <logmsg dest="logndisplay">&lt;p>
    bigipMemberRate trap received

The above is from "/opt/opennms/etc/events# less F5-BIGIP-COMMON-MIB.events.xml", which is already defined in "eventconf.xml":

pd11scl-nms-w01:/opt/opennms/etc# grep F5 eventconf.xml

I have restarted OpenNMS multiple times, but still the traps are not recognized as a F5 one.

Any thoughts? Any quick suggestion is greatly appreciated as we have been struggling that for quite some time and not sure what's wrong here.


I think you need to add the events tag around the event tag in the clip above.

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