I'm trying to build an app for reading the values from the accelerometer on my phone, which supports Android 2.1 only.

How do I read from the accelerometer using 2.1-compatible code?


Start with this:

public class yourActivity extends Activity implements SensorEventListener{
 private SensorManager sensorManager;
 double ax,ay,az;   // these are the acceleration in x,y and z axis
    public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
        sensorManager=(SensorManager) getSystemService(SENSOR_SERVICE);
        sensorManager.registerListener(this, sensorManager.getDefaultSensor(Sensor.TYPE_ACCELEROMETER), SensorManager.SENSOR_DELAY_NORMAL);
   public void onAccuracyChanged(Sensor arg0, int arg1) {

   public void onSensorChanged(SensorEvent event) {
        if (event.sensor.getType()==Sensor.TYPE_ACCELEROMETER){

This isn't easily explained in a few paragraphs. You should try to read:

These show a framework on how to access sensors:

 public class SensorActivity extends Activity implements SensorEventListener {
     private final SensorManager mSensorManager;
     private final Sensor mAccelerometer;

     public SensorActivity() {
         mSensorManager = (SensorManager)getSystemService(SENSOR_SERVICE);
         mAccelerometer = mSensorManager.getDefaultSensor(Sensor.TYPE_ACCELEROMETER);

     protected void onResume() {
         mSensorManager.registerListener(this, mAccelerometer, SensorManager.SENSOR_DELAY_NORMAL);

     protected void onPause() {

     public void onAccuracyChanged(Sensor sensor, int accuracy) {

     public void onSensorChanged(SensorEvent event) {

In the onSensorChanged callback you can query the sensor's values through the SensorEvent.

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A very good example for accelerometer app.


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