I'm building an image with Yocto, and need to patch a BitBake class in the upstream tree. I do not want to modify the upstream sources and would prefer to add the modification to a local layer.

For a BitBake recipe, I'd use a .bbappend file. What should be used for a class?


Create classes folder in your meta layer and create a new class, e.g. myclass.bbclass. Inherit original class with inherit original-bitbake-CLASS and add whatever functionality you need.

Then use the new bbclass instead of the original.


Generally with .bbclass files there is lack of similar approach like we have with appending recipes (.bbappends). Proposed by @Oleksandr-Kravchuk solution is good but have some limitations. When You have to modify some functions or makes more complex changes, then I would prefer to copy this class file to my metadata layer and make adaptations there. Finally bitbake based on configuration in layer (conf/layer.conf file) - BBFILE_PRIORITY will decide to take this class file comes from layer with higher priority lever - without touching recipes.

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