I'm writing a Blazor app and obviously I want to get some components rendered in there. I've just tried adding a basic navigation element to my main layout but it's not rendering. I can see the element on the DOM, but that element is empty.

I went with some fairly simple content to start with in my NavMenu component that I'm trying to include on MainLayout.cshtml:


I've also taken a pretty simple layout on my MainLayout.cshtml page:

@inherits BlazorLayoutComponent

<NavMenu />

<div class="body-content">

The file structure in my project seems uncomplicated:

enter image description here

So I'm at a loss here as to what I've overlooked. It looks like Blazor knows there's something it should be rendering to the page - that's why I can see the NavMenu element in the DOM. But there's never any content rendered inside that element. What's missing?

NavMenu Blazor component

I'm running the latest (at time of writing) version of Blazor: 0.5.1.

  • I should add: I've also tried adding the <NavMenu /> component in other pages (e.g. /Pages/Index.cshtml) with the same results. – Phil.Wheeler Aug 12 '18 at 2:44
  • Could you also share the code of NavMenu? – Flores Aug 12 '18 at 7:20
  • Ok. I get it. NavMenu only contains the <h1>? – Flores Aug 12 '18 at 7:47
  • I'm trying to reproduce this, but with everything I could think of it remains working on my side. Could you share your complete project somewhere? – Flores Aug 12 '18 at 7:53
  • But first, check my answer below, that must be it. – Flores Aug 12 '18 at 8:10

You are probably running into a bug with the .csproj file. It should look like this:

<Project Sdk="Microsoft.NET.Sdk.Web">

   <RunArguments>blazor serve</RunArguments>

  <PackageReference Include="Microsoft.AspNetCore.Blazor.Browser" Version="0.5.1" />
  <PackageReference Include="Microsoft.AspNetCore.Blazor.Build" Version="0.5.1" />
  <DotNetCliToolReference Include="Microsoft.AspNetCore.Blazor.Cli" Version="0.5.1" />

Yours has most likely extra stuff in it, that prevents the component from compiling. This typically happens when adding files or copying them. See: https://github.com/aspnet/Blazor/issues/1206

  • Great suggestion! I'll re-check that tonight because I'm sure you're on the right track - I had made a couple of additions to the items in the ItemGroup section. – Phil.Wheeler Aug 12 '18 at 22:27
  • Nope. I've done some clean-up and with the exception of a project reference, the proj file looks essentially as you've described here. Looks like the Github issue you referenced is still pretty active and it's a known issue - just with different underlying symptoms than I'm seeing. – Phil.Wheeler Aug 15 '18 at 11:03
  • That makes me very curious.. could you share the code somewhere? – Flores Aug 15 '18 at 15:20
  • Not easily. Happy to move this conversation to chat to discuss though. – Phil.Wheeler Aug 17 '18 at 10:06

It turns out the root cause was related to namespaces and casing.

When I originally set up the project, I created it using the command line in VS Code. Out of habit, I wrote everything in lowercase (i.e. dotnet new blazor -o myapp).

As a personal preference, I like my namespaces to be title cased, so some time later I decided to "tidy up" and change myapp to Myapp. I went through the code to refactor to the new titlecase name and everything compiled, so I carried on working... until a few weeks later when I went back to do some work on a component and noticed it wasn't behaving.

It turns out that razor pages are automatically namespaced based on folders and a subset of those are included in the _ViewImports.cshtml page. That file still referenced the lower case namespace and pages looking for a lowercase project root were no longer able to find the right shared components.

So unsurprisingly, it's an entirely self-inflicted issue and yes I feel very silly for not thinking it through properly from the start.

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