In the foundation module of my yesod application, I am looking for a way to translate the menu item labels of data type MenuItem. The relevant field is menuItemLabel :: Text. Therefore assigning an AppMessage from a translation file does not work. I cannot use renderMessage, because I do not know the user preferred languages yet.

One solution is, to add an additional field menuItemLabelAppMessage of type Maybe AppMessage to MenuItem and defer the translation to the rendering of the default layout template by interpolation

_{menuItemLabelAppMessage menuItem}

This works, but I have the same problem for breadcrumbs. There the class YesodBreadcrumbs defines the function

breadcrumb :: Route App -> Handler (Text, Maybe (Route App))

My question: is there any better way to translate menu item labels, than the one described above and is there any solution for providing breadcrumbs in the user preferred languages in the default-layout shakespeare template?

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