I'm trying to use some encrypted vars with travis-ci.com and they are not decoding properly when travis executes a build from a commit. You can see when it does the export it's just a gibberish VAR.

The Setup:

  1. Running on Ubuntu: buster/sid
  2. I've installed ruby-full
  3. I've gem installed travis: 1.8.8
  4. I've pulled my repo and I'm doing the encryption commands in the folder with .travis.yml
  5. It asked me to verify it had the proper repo the first time I ran the encrypt command.
  6. I expect I'm getting the proper public key, but it sure doesn't look like it.
  7. This is all happening in a docker container.
  8. I'm committing to master. No pull request.

Other things I've tried or screwed up already:

  1. Single quotes around the var.
  2. Multiple vars or missing dash. Having multiple vars changes the format slightly in that they have a "-" in front of secure. The line would then look like: - secure INXfNQealZn84xzQ6M0g...
  3. Ran the encryption in the wrong repo folder.

Commands used to generate MYVAR:

root@31ee1eba15d3:~/tigelane/stuff# travis encrypt MYVAR="somestuff" --add env.global
root@31ee1eba15d3:~/tigelane/stuff# tail -3 .travis.yml
    secure: 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

Output I get in the Travis Job log:

Setting environment variables from .travis.yml
$ export sqI72mUtHwsyUxmgpoGVoyZcJrg=[secure]

Output I expected in the Travis Job log:

Setting environment variables from .travis.yml
$ export MYVAR=[secure]

I know the solution, at least in my case. When you use travis encrypt. You should specify whether you're running on the travis-ci.com domain or not. If you are and using like a public github linked to a travis integration. You need to use the --com parameter


travis encrypt --com "MYVAR='something'"

This gives the correct output. In the manual it doesn't give enough status to this flag, so I glossed over it at first not really sure what it did. Apparently it's because it has a different encryption key.

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    Huge thanks, I had literally no idea, the official doc should point this out because it's not obvious at all. – Kohányi Róbert Jul 10 at 19:58

You've forgotten a dash:

    - secure: INXfNQe…

See https://docs.travis-ci.com/user/environment-variables/#defining-encrypted-variables-in-travisyml

  • Thanks phd. I used the --add command line argument, it's not a copy and paste. The dash only appears when you add more than one secure var. Either way, I added the dash and there is 0 different. Same error and output in the log file. I'll edit the question to make it a little more clear that it's bee tried with a dash. – Tige Phillips Aug 12 '18 at 21:35
  • I tried both ways and it didn't work for me. I've tried various methods to get the information to decrypt properly. Nothing worked. – Christopher Thomas Apr 22 at 6:18

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