I am using digitalocean.com spaces to store static files for my Django app. I set it up successfully according to their tutorial (same settings as AWS). I now want to put a CDN in front of the static files. KeyCDN has a document describing how to do this but suggests using {{STATIC_URL}} in templates rather than the {% static %} templatetag.

Django admin uses the {% static %} templatetag not {{ STATIC_URL}}. In some cases there is no difference, however, if you define STATICFILES_STORAGE, as is required to store static files in digitalocean.com spaces, the templatetag {% static %} ignores whatever you explicitly declare in settings.py for STATIC_URL.

I have:


S3Boto3Storage sets the template tag {% static %} to point to https://ams3.digitalocean.com/bucket_name/path/to/static/ regardless of the setting of {{ STATIC_URL }}.

Manually setting STATIC_URL= in settings.py as KeyCDN suggests:

STATIC_URL = 'http://keycdndjango-1c6b.kxcdn.com/static/'

has no effect on what the templatetag {% static %} returns.

So i cannot figure out how to make KeyCDN work with this setup.

Any help is appreciated!


Well, I don't know if this was the case, but I'm using Digital Ocean CDN and setting AWS_S3_ADDRESSING_STYLE to 'virtual' made the change





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