When apps crash, Windows used to popup a dialog box saying {Program} has stopped working with a Close button. I no longer see this dialog box on Windows 10. How do I get it back?

I thought perhaps I messed up some registry setting, so I downloaded a Windows 10 VM from Microsoft, crashed a program in the VM and I still didn't get a dialog box. So there must have been some change to Windows.

I tried tweaking the AeDebug registry key, but still couldn't get the dialog box back.

The reason I like the dialog box is because it tells me right away that some program has a problem that I can investigate further.


As described here, you need to set the Windows Error Reporting setting DontShowUI=0 with the Registry Editor or Group Policy Editor.

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sounds a little dumb when i tell that but, when app stops working for me i usually press the left mouse button a lot in the windows (of the app) until it will display the message to end the process

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  • That probably works because Windows 10's hang / not responding reporting still shows a dialog box. – BIOSCMOS Aug 14 '18 at 19:44

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