[please excuse the noob here - likely to embarass myself]

Trying to follow an existing script - essentially to replicate a verified badge commonly seen on social media platforms eg Twitter

Script is in php in a classes.php file in folder /includes/classes.php Database table = 'user'for which i intend to create a column 'verified'after 'description'. Values are 0 = not verified 1 = verified

phpAdmin view of user table

I have (fudged) got this so far, but am sure i have made some v basic errors

function getVERIFIED($id = null, $type = null) {

    $query = $this->db->query(sprintf("SELECT * FROM `users` WHERE `verified` = '%s' ORDER BY `idu` DESC LIMIT 0, 1", ($idu) ? $idu : $this->db->real_escape_string($this->idu)));
        $result = $query->fetch_assoc();

        if($result['verified'] == 1 {
            return 1;
        } else {
            return 0;

This in turn will feed into an HTML script so that based on the returned value it will display the image/verified badge

<a href="'.(($this->getVerified($profile['idu'])) ? '<img src="'.$this->url.'/'.'/images/verified.png".'</a>

I do hope that made sense. Any pointers much appreciated

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    Change this from if($result['verified'] == 1 { to if($result['verified'] == 1) {. This is a syntax error I think. – dcangulo Aug 13 '18 at 3:52
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    you are missing a parenthesis in the if statement. – Dknacht Aug 13 '18 at 4:16
  • Thanks guys Does it therefore follow that the rest of the logic/script is sound? Will look to try it out later on. Thanks – eezzee Aug 13 '18 at 15:38

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