In some ansible roles (e.g. roles/my-role/) I've got quite some big default variables files (defaults/main.yml). I'd like to split the main.yml into several smaller files. Is it possible to do that?

I've tried creating the files defaults/1.yml and defaults/2.yml, but they aren't loaded by ansible.

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The feature I'm describing below has been available since Ansible 2.6, but got a bugfix in v2.6.2 and another (minor) one in v2.7.
To see a solution for older versions, see Paul's answer.


Instead of creating defaults/main.yml, create a directorydefaults/main/ — and place all YAML files in there.

  • defaults/main.ymldefaults/main/*.yml

Ansible will load any *.yml file inside that directory, so you can name your files like roles/my-role/defaults/main/{1,2}.yml.

Furthermore, it's even possible to create sub-directories like roles/my-role/defaults/main/subdir_1/foo.yml.

Note, the old file — defaults/main.yml — must not exist. See this Github comment.


By the way, the above solution also works for vars/:

  • vars/main.ymlvars/main/*.yml

further details

The feature has been introduced in v2.6 — git commit, Pull Request, main Github issue.

There have been two bugfixes:

  • you're right, I had the wrong file structure, worked after fixing that, removed my comment, thanks! Sep 25 at 19:13

If you aren't using 2.6 (which you probably should, but I understand that isn't always an option), then you might find include_vars useful.

- name: Include vars of stuff.yaml into the 'stuff' variable (2.2).
    file: stuff.yaml
    name: stuff

- name: Conditionally decide to load in variables into 'plans' when x is 0, otherwise do not. (2.2)
    file: contingency_plan.yaml
    name: plans
  when: x == 0

- name: Load a variable file based on the OS type, or a default if not found. Using free-form to specify the file.
  include_vars: "{{ item }}"
    - "{{ ansible_distribution }}.yaml"
    - "{{ ansible_os_family }}.yaml"
    - default.yaml

- name: Bare include (free-form)
  include_vars: myvars.yaml

- name: Include all .json and .jsn files in vars/all and all nested directories (2.3)
    dir: vars/all
        - json
        - jsn

- name: Include all default extension files in vars/all and all nested directories and save the output in test. (2.2)
    dir: vars/all
    name: test

- name: Include default extension files in vars/services (2.2)
    dir: vars/services
    depth: 1

- name: Include only files matching bastion.yaml (2.2)
    dir: vars
    files_matching: bastion.yaml

Note that this is a task directive, though. It isn't as neat as just being able to include it into the defaults file itself.

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