I like to show the items from a burger menu if the user clicks on its icon and hide the item again if the user clicks somewhere else. My first (and current) idea is like this:


But it wont work nice. The items slide down and directly up again. Whats wrong?

Thx :-)

Update: fiddle -> https://jsfiddle.net/mikexmagic/ap0mtuzs/7/


You can use e.stopPropagation() to prevent the call of html click.


  $('html').on('click', function(){

To understand this behaviour please see capturing and bubbling of events in javascript. https://javascript.info/bubbling-and-capturing


because $('.brgIcon') is a part of $('html').on('click',function(){... when you click on hamMenu it'll both slideDown and slideUp at the same time. so you won't catch any difference on your screen(most probably). what you have to do is put your menu container in another division with width and height of 100%, and position of fixed. and 'onClick' slide the whole container down. In this case you'd be able to select $('container:not(.menu)').click which will slideUp the menu. I hope you can figure it out:)

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