I have several components. What I want to do is when I render component " Cart " I want to disable " App" from rendering.

here is my index.js

<Provider store={store}>
      <Route exact path="/" component={Home} />
      <Route path="/categories" component={Categories} />
      <Route path="/category/:categId" component={Products} />
      <Route path="/product/:productId" component={Product} />
      <Route path="/cart" component={Cart} />
 , document.getElementById('root'),

I thought of accessing the url everytime in App component and whenever the path equals to " cart " I return null but it didn't work with me.

Use a boolean variable and a ternary statement like this super simplified example:

const isCart = cartShowing === true

return isCart
    ? <Cart/>
    : <App />

I'm affraid that it isn't a simple question about conditional rendering.

SHORT: Don't think this way.

LONGER: If you need to render Cart with different layout then do it inside Cart. As one of top level components/containers it can render common (with other routes) <PageLayout /> and <CartList /> inside.

App is a logical glue/structural part, doesn't intended to contain any visual elements.

  • Although my answer answers the question directly, I do agree that OP should rather rethink his approach by using top level containers for shop(?) vs. cart. – FranCarstens Aug 13 at 18:30

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