What is the difference between these two api ?


Microsoft Graph supports most of the directory features that Azure AD Graph supports, but not all.

Here is some information for you to refer.

1.The two APIs have different endpoints.

  • MS graph : graph.microsoft.com
  • AD Graph : graph.windows.net

2.Client libraries

  • AD Graph client library is only available for .Net applications and it is maintenance mode.
  • MS Graph client libraries are available on multiple platforms and languages, that enables you to have more choice in how you can use directory data in apps for your customers.

3.For more gaps between Microsoft Graph and Azure AD Graph, you could refer to this article.

Note: The time of the article is May 10, 2017, you could refer to Changelog for Microsoft Graph to see some feature was or not been updated.

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  • is that correct saying "The two APIs have different endpoints" in the answer ? – InfoÁsith Aug 14 '18 at 12:07
  • @InfoÁsith Yes, I am sure it is correct, refer to this article for AD graph, and the article you mentioned for MS graph. – Joy Wang Aug 14 '18 at 12:12

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