I have trying update field of User and update it on sensenet database server by below code

string strNow = "abc";
var currentUser = (User)User.Current;
currentUser = User.Load("domainname", currentUser.FullName);
currentUser.SetProperty("ExtensionData", strNow);

I am getting error 'Node is out of date Id:XXXXX' in some cases.


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Actually "Node is out of date" exception in an environment where many things may happen at the same time is not a real error. It just means that in the meantime somebody (or a background thread) modified the same content. You can reload the node and try the operation again. There is a simple retrier API in sensenet for that:

Retrier.Retry(3, 10, typeof(NodeIsOutOfDateException), () =>
   // execute something that may throw a NodeIsOutOfDateException
   var currentUser = Node.Load(User.Current.Id);
   currentUser["ExtensionData"] = strNow;

Reloading the node is a good practice in this case because User.Current is something that may be a pinned object in the background, accessible by multiple threads.

Please also note that it is usually better to use the indexer for accessing properties instead of the Get/SetProperty methods that are meant to be used internally. Or if there is a dedicated property on the business object (like user.FullName), please use that.

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  • Toth still it is not working, it is trying three times and on third time it is throwing same exception – Ankitkumar Tandel Aug 16 '18 at 7:31

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