I'm try to write a script which get user by email address, i need so it doest matter if email is upper case or lower case

i have wrote this but its not showing any account.

$ADemail = "email-address@domain.co.uk"
$aduser = Get-ADUser -Filter * -Property SamAccountName, EmailAddress
foreach($user in $aduser)
    $email = $user.EmailAddress
    if ( $email -ne $null -and $email.ToLower() -eq $ADemail.ToLower() )
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    The calls to ToLower() are unnecessary, since -eq is case-insensitive by default. You need to use -ceq to get case-sensitive comparisons. Comparing to $null is then not needed as you won't potentially be calling a method on a null object. For testing, I'd suggest you print out $user.EmailAddress to make sure it is returning something, and is in the expected format. – boxdog Aug 14 at 13:50
  • I did do this and I can see all of the account – maj Aug 14 at 14:08
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I think your "IF" statement is wrong... I think the IF is trying to say if $email is not null, convert it to lower case and see if it is equal to $ADemail?

Try this?

if (($email -eq $null) -or ($email -eq ""))
    # skip
} else
    if ($email.ToLower() -eq $ADemail.ToLower() )
        # write out results

My other observations is this is a very in-efficient way to get the answer you are looking for - I would suggest using get-aduser with -filter to get the AD server to do all the filtering for you rather than doing it locally. Something like Get-ADUser -Filter { mail -Like $ADemail} -Properties mail (haven't tested that!). Also worth noting is that this will only work if the address you are searching for is actually in the mail attribute - it might also be one of the proxy addresses... but that's a whole other problem! (Ref on proxy addresses: https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/0690df24-4504-4347-80c8-6985d1fa8e11/get-samaccountname-from-email?forum=winserverpowershell )

  • This code work. Thank you. I did try this Get-ADUser -Filter {emailaddress -like $ADemail} -Property SamAccountName, EmailAddress but it ddint work but now i try it again and it work. i do agree having code like this Get-ADUser -Filter {emailaddress -like $ADemail} -Property SamAccountName, EmailAddress is much better – maj Aug 14 at 14:13

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