I have been using the below approach to call stored procedure in EF core 2.1

In DBContext

public DbQuery<SomeModel> SomeModels { get; set; }


var result = context.SomeModels.FromSql("SQL_SCRIPT").ToList();

I'm trying to create a generic method to execute all stored procedures so that I don't need to physically attach a model with context each time when I call a stored procedure. I'm looking for something like what I have below (Ignore the syntax). Please advice.

public Response SoftDelete<T>(T entity) where T : class
    var result = context.<T>.FromSql("SQL_SCRIPT").ToList();

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Try following code.

    var result = context.Set<T>().FromSql("SQL_SCRIPT").ToList();


You can call await _databaseContext.Database.ExecuteSqlCommandAsync(storedProcedureName); or await _databaseContext.Database.ExecuteSqlQuery methods to run your query or store procedure. You just need to inject your DBContext in the class wherever you are using it.




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