I am sending object with Post method in Volley. My api returns such a data like in postman and it is what i want.

{ "operationStatus": 3, "messages": [ { "message": "Hata!" } ] }

But I tried to get the such data my method in onResponse to handle. But it returns only 200.

StringRequest stringRequest = new StringRequest(Request.Method.POST, url, new Response.Listener<String>() {
            public void onResponse(String response) {
                Log.i("LOG_RESPONSE", response);
                Toast.makeText(DetailAirdrop.this, response, Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();


Is there any way to get get jsonObject after post method in volley?


JsonObjectRequest postRequest = new JsonObjectRequest( Request.Method.POST, url,
                new Response.Listener<JSONObject>() {
                    public void onResponse(JSONObject response) {
                        Toast.makeText(DetailAirdrop.this, response.toString(), Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();

  • have u overrided parsenetworkresponse? – Anubhav Gupta Aug 14 at 15:59
  • Please don't show the solution as part of the question. If your problem was solved by an answer someone else posted, you should accept this answer. If you found out how to fix the problem and want to share this, please write an answer to your own question and accept it. – 0X0nosugar Aug 14 at 17:06

try it :

        Volley.newRequestQueue(getActivity()).add(new StringRequest(Request.Method.GET,"LINK", new Response.Listener<String>() {
        public void onResponse(String s) {
            JSONObject mJsonObject;

            try {
                mJsonObject = new JSONObject(s);

               mJsonObject.getString("operationStatus") Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();

                JSONArray mJsonArray = mJsonObject.getJSONArray("messages");
                int a = mJsonArray.length();
                for (int i = 0; i < a; i++) {

                    JSONObject jo = mJsonArray.getJSONObject(i);

           mModel.setID(jo.getString("message"), Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();

            } catch (JSONException e) {
                Toast.makeText(getActivity(), "Crash", Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();

    }, new Response.ErrorListener() {
        public void onErrorResponse(VolleyError volleyError) {


it will work i tested and if it work tic my ansewer TY :)

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