I need to make an HTTPS POST request in Java. The goal is to create an incident report in Oracle service cloud with this request. I have the request working in Postman (a program specifically for making HTTP requests) but I do not know how to go about implementing it in Java. I am not very familiar with making HTTP requests, but I have the URL that I need to send the request to, the JSON body, and the basic authentication details (username and password) that are needed to make a request to the application. I have tried following other examples using HttpClient or HttpURLConnection, but I can not find anything that shows how to add all of these details to a request.

I also don't know which request headers I need to make this work. Postman automatically added a Content-Type and Authorization header, and required me to add an OSvC-CREST-Application-Context header in order for the request to go through. From what I could tell, the content of that last header didn't affect the request, but it does need to exist in order to POST.

I would appreciate any advice anyone has about this project! I have never worked with HTTP requests before, so feel free to break it down for me as much as you can. Thanks!

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