I am doing financial data analysis and I have the following json data

data =  {
        'result 1': {
            'Function values':  [-0.006227277397795026, 0.06383399272822152],
            'Optimized weights':  [('bonds', 1.4711817429946462e-15), ('forex', 5.550786381057787e-17), ('bitcoin', 0.9999999999999982), ('gold', 1.3183117655012245e-16), ('nyse', 9.697481555102928e-21), ('restate', 1.9775692500329443e-16)]},
        'result 2': {
            'Function values':  [-0.005261601871866209, 0.0458160221997947]
            'Optimized weights':  [('bonds', 0.3615398862486454), ('forex', 4.466610459077055e-25), ('bitcoin', 0.612702265453708), ('gold', 2.427629820084969e-25), ('nyse', 6.605705692605664e-25), ('restate', 0.02575784829764666)]},
        'result 3': {
            'Function values':  [-0.006227277397795026, 0.06383399272822152]
            'Optimized weights':  [('bonds', 1.4712010644711342e-15), ('forex', 5.55073975746577e-17), ('bitcoin', 0.9999999999999982), ('gold', 1.3183006923981202e-16), ('nyse', 1.1072819449579044e-20), ('restate', 1.977567049973079e-16)]},
        'result 4': {
            'Function values':  [-0.0026994057255751948, 0.022810143209823008]
            'Optimized weights':  [('bonds', 0.1799574677817418), ('forex', 4.974066668895019e-25), ('bitcoin', 0.3047792953486622), ('gold', 0.0), ('nyse', 0.0), ('restate', 0.5152632368695961)]}

The objective is to make the following kind of graph in which Function values are plot on the scatter plot with the point marked with specific color and the same color will be used in the below bar chart to represent its Optimized weights values.

enter image description here

I know how to plot simple scatter plots and bar plots using matplotlib

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import numpy as np

# Separate Scatter plot
plt.scatter(data['result 1']['Function values'], color='red')
plt.scatter(data['result 2']['Function values'], color='blue')
plt.scatter(data['result 3']['Function values'], color='orange')
plt.scatter(data['result 4']['Function values'], color='green')


# Separate Bar plot for 1 results and similarly barplots for all
asset_1 = data['result 1']['Optimized weights']
asset_1 = np.array(asset_1)
n_assets = np.arange(6)
plt.bar(asset_1[1], color='red')
plt.xticks(n_assets, asset_1[0])

But here they are separated. Is there any to combine them like the figure I made above? Thanks

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