I'm trying to create a macro to log in to a company owned web page. When I record putting the cursor into the User Name text box, the following command is recorded:

TAG POS=1 TYPE=INPUT:TEXT FORM=ACTION:/pdp/qnyfy/resumeSAML50/pdp/startSSO.ping

The problem is that the "qnyfy" part of the tag line changes. The next time I try to record this tag line, every thing is the same except that "qnyfy" changes to something else; which renders my VBA code useless for logging into this web page.

Is there a way to extract this information first, find out what that 5 characters should be and then re-build a string to use the correct tag line?

Windows 7 Excel 2016 iMacros 10.3

Thanks for the help........

  • is there something preventing you from reading it into a string variable and using that variable to set the tag? if you posted your code then it may help get a better answer. – ProfoundlyOblivious Aug 15 '18 at 1:28

OK, @OP opened some parallel Thread on the iMacros Forum (iMacros Tag Line Properties), which allows me to simplify a bit this Answer and to remove a few of the original IF-IF-IF... (The parallel Thread contains a bit more (Background) Info and more precise Sols/Scripts applied to this specific Script, for those interested...)

First, FCI (Full Config Info) was originally not completely clear, now it is:
=> iMB v10.3, 'Scripting Interface' v10.3, Win7.
("iMacros v10.3" could have meant 'v10.3 for CR 'Free'/'PE'' also...)

(The 'TAG' Statement is truncated is this Thread, it is complete + complete Script in the parallel Thread...)

Several Solutions, I'll go from "simplest" to "more complex":

1- The 'FORM' Parameter can probably simply completely be removed. It is usually not needed, unless there are several Forms on the Page with similar HTML Elements, here the 'INPUT' Field.

2- Same like '1', but using for example the 'CLASS' Attribute or any Attr(s) that might identify this 'INPUT' Field uniquely if there are several Forms on the Page with similar (but not identical) 'INPUT' Fields. (Or by adjusting the 'POS=n' if they are identical...)

3- Same like '1' or '2', but combined with 'Relative Positioning', on some HTML Element that can be identified "easily" and uniquely to be used as the Anchor, either inside ('3a') the same 'FORM' or 'DIV' (=> this 'INPUT' probably has some 'Label' next to it like some "Login:" for example), or just outside ('3b') if that Form has some Name/Title for that "Section", usually in 'H2' or 'H3' Type.

4- Simply replace the dynamic part ("qnyfy") with a Wildcard:

TAG POS=1 TYPE=INPUT:TEXT FORM=ACTION:/pdp/*/resumeSAML50/pdp/startSSO.ping 

Sols [1-4] probably provide a "Shortcut" to probably achieve the desired Result, but they actually don't really answer @OP's Qt which was "How to identify/extract/isolate this "qnyfy" 5 Letter String...?"

5- Using first one of [1-4] Methods, manage to tag some Element that will be inside that 'FORM', either the 'INPUT' Field itself or one Element that could be used as Anchor in '3a' (with Anchor Inside the Form), and then use 'Double Relative Positioning' (more Info on the iMacros Forum where I've several times already completely explained the Principle) to identify and tag and extract (=HTM) the complete 'Containing 'DIV'' (or could be 'SPAN', but there will very probably be some (outer) 'DIV' also) containing the 'FORM' to then isolate the "qnyfy" part using 'EVAL', stg like...:

SET Form_ID EVAL("var s='{{!EXTRACT}}'; var x,y,z; x=s.split('ACTION:/pdp/'); y=x[1].split('/'); z=y[0]; z;")

6- This one actually comes between '4' and '5', it would be by using '3b' to first locate some Anchor outside the 'FORM' and its 'Containing 'DIV'', then only one Level of 'Relative Positioning' would be needed... (And the 'EVAL()' Statement remains the same...)

That's it...! It would help / add some "Reliability" if for example the Class of the Containing 'DIV' can be identified/added.

Not relevant for iMB v10.3 anymore:
And if "iMacros v10.3" meant "iMacros for CR v10.3 'Free'", you'll need to use ['!VAR1'-'!VAR3'] instead of 'Form_ID' as User Defined Vars are not supported in the 'Free' Version...

[All Solutions/Scripts not tested of course...! Hum, I had previously mentioned that I could directly think of 3 or 4 Solutions, here are already 6, ah-ah...!, and there are also different possible Variants on all 6 of them...]

7- In the parallel Thread on the iMacros Forum, I also mentioned and explained about a Sol_7 using the 'EVENT' Mode with or without ID, which wouldn't be of use for this User as the 'EVENT' Mode was not supported in iMB v10.3.

Sol_5 and Sol_6 can actually be used to deal with Dynamic ID's, same Principle...!


I might one day have to delete this Answer as I am currently (re)using each time my last 5/5 'Answer_Credit', I each time have to delete some previous Answer, to be able to post a 5th one, as most Users on the 'iMacros' Tag-Channel usually never follow up on their Threads and don't do "+1" or "Accept Solution"..., and all my previous Answers also usually all get downvoted anyway by some "angry" User(s), so I never manage to pass the Threshold for more than 5 Answers, ah-ah...!, tja...!
(No big deal probably as I actually never or very-very rarely answer Threads on SOF as I don't like the Rep-Pts System, I only answered this one because @OP is a "nice User" that I knew from the iMacros Forum, ah-ah...!)

(I still don't know what the 'community wiki' CB means below posting an Answer...?)

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    Thanks for the response, I have asked the user to raise a question there instead, I hope his intentions are not for spamming, thanks for your time :) – Naren Murali Aug 15 '18 at 16:08
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    Thanks for checking out my answers :) I'm a big fan of IMacros software for years, will try to get into IMacros Forums :) I read your detailed post, I think OP needs to do some studying and find the solution :) after reading this answer, I was wondering, if we could fill the input elements and submit the form too using this method here, I got this from the IMacros forums I guess – Naren Murali Aug 15 '18 at 20:33
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    Yes, its deprecated, just wanted ur opinion :) seemed like a good hack for extracting data, anyway thanks for all your contributions in the forums :) I'm sure I would have referenced those answers multiple times :) – Naren Murali Aug 15 '18 at 21:00
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    oh ok, it wont be the best method, will checkout the forums and also your comments, still have a long way to go :D – Naren Murali Aug 15 '18 at 21:12
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    Appologies, I am not sure about that checkbox, sorry :( – Naren Murali Aug 15 '18 at 21:21

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