I want to add 7 days in the date using momentJs in angular project.

let nextRunAt = "2018-08-16T02:00:00.242Z";

let calculatedRunAt = moment(nextRunAt).add(7, 'days');

I am expecting to get the date after 7 days but instead I get moment object.

Like below enter image description here

Any help is appreciated. Thanks


The moment method returns a moment object, you have to convert it to date-

let calculatedRunAt = moment(nextRunAt, "DD-MM-YYYY").add(7, 'days').toDate();
  • thankyou for the answer.. Also is there a way that I can get the calculatedRunAt as the same format to nextRunAt... I have updated my question – surazzarus Aug 14 '18 at 21:09

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