New to MongoDB and databases in general but while installing MongoDB, the docs say we should use the period for the three inputs while installing (Domain,Name and Password). I did that and got this error, i used the period in all 3 inputs as the Docs said but still can't procced, what did i do wrong?

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To install MongoDB as a local user you can use details as below:

Account Domain: . ( dot is the default value )

Account Name: Your Window's local username

Account Password: Your Window's login password


  1. Your account should be local admin account or change that account to local account.
  2. To get your local account name, you can open

Control Panel\User Accounts\User Accounts

location in your windows explorer.

This link can be helpful Installing MongoDB as Local User


As per official docs, Account Name and the Account Password is from your existing local user account.

For an existing local user account, specify a period (i.e. .) for the Account Domain and the Account Name and the Account Password for the user.


Install mongoDB as windows service as shown in below.

enter image description here

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    Funny how i missed that, works when I enter my Windows account username and password
    – William
    Jan 20, 2019 at 23:06

If error is still you need to right click on the MSI file which you downloaded and then select troubleshoot option.

After troubleshoot, it will prompt for the option to install and then it works for me

enter image description here


You don't have to do much in Account domain just put dot(.) And in account name you have to put your PC or local machine name and in password field put your local machine password.


Ensure Account Domain be set to the corporate domain in case you have one. Username will be your id i.e. in here Control Panel\User Accounts\User Accounts if you see <username> you should set domain name in Account Domain Username in Account Name and your password in Account Password

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