One of Power BI's best features is the ability to identify the factors that most contribute to increases and decreases of trends. As I understand it, Machine Learning approaches are used to produce the results. More info here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/power-bi/desktop-insights

What is the best way to use Python to identify factors that most contribute to increases and decreases of trends within a dataset?


there could be many possible answers to your question, as you can use linear and non-linear approaches to explore dependencies between change in the independent variables and the target variable. One of the easiest approaches with high explanatory power is the function .feature_importances_ from the python package scikit-learn based on the decision tree classifier. Once you have independent variable X and target y, syntaxis is very simple:

    forest = ExtraTreesClassifier(n_estimators=250,

    forest.fit(X, y)
    importances = forest.feature_importances_

You can look into more details at http://scikit-learn.org/stable/auto_examples/ensemble/plot_forest_importances.html

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